About me
My first Beauty passion was red lipstick. Then I was only 1.5 years old and I skillfully applied it on my lips without a mirror (without jokes, precisely along the contour of the lips)!
Fashion changed and with it my views on makeup: I changed red lipstick to brown and then began to experiment with different shades of shadows.
At 13 on own money I bought my first Garnier skin care product line. Since then morning and evening ritual of cleansing and moisturizing the skin has been added to daily makeup.
Of course, I often did makeup for my friends but at that time no one even knew about such a profession as a makeup artist (at least in my environment)
My full career as a make-up artist began in 2014 when I finished my first makeup courses in my hometown and then an intensive course in Paris. I did not stop there and regularly update my knowledge and attend the training and master classes (you can see most of my diplomas below on this page).

My career has developed in different areas of the beauty industry:
- "Yuzhnoye sozvezdiye Festival" I place "Runway makeup" 2017
- International Makeup Awards EFU, Budapest 2017
- Vice-champion of the technical nomination "Nevsky Berega" 2018
- Makeup teacher "Art Center School of Kazimirskaya"
- Judge of the make-up championship "Yuzhnoye sozvezdiye Festival"
- Work as a make-up artist for TV channels
- Makeup artist for catalog and Lookbooks
- Experience in shootings in Russia and Europe
- Work with private clients
- Work as a make-up artist of a luxury brand
A full CV you can find on LinkedIn.
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