Bride Check list
A few basic guidelines for preparation what to do before and after wedding day
How to get ready for your wedding?
Do not schedule a haircut before the wedding.
A fresh cut creates a tight row and the ends are less malleable, from which they can knock out of the hairstyle.

It is better to do your haircut 3-4 weeks before your day and to choose grooming procedures from a hairdresser just before the wedding.
Don't experiment with new harsh facial treatments (such as acid peels)
One of my favorite treatments before a big event is microdermabrasion or resurfacing.
Be sure to consult with your cosmetologist before scheduling the procedure.
Hair preparation
Rinse and dry your hair well before meeting with a stylist the night before or in the morning.
You should not use extra nourishing masks and oils, they may lose the durability of your hairstyle.
Standard Shampoo + Balm will be enoughth
Bride's cosmetic bag
What will definitely come in handy during the day:
-Blotting paper (layering the powder each time you can make it visible)
-Lipstick and / or lip liner
-Dry wipes
-Concealer or fondation
For all my brides (depending on the "Package") I collect individual cosmetic bags with the necessary products.
What to do after?
How to remove false eyelashes?
Eyelashes can be removed by pulling them from the outer corner of the eyes. At the same time, hold the outer corner of the eye with the finger of the second hand so as not to stretch the skin.
If you still have fragments of glue or eyelashes it is uncomfortable to remove - eyelash glue is easily split with warm water.
If warm water doesn't work, use an oily product: a two-phase makeup remover.
How to remove makeup?
The safest way to remove makeup is to use cleansing oil or two-phase makeup remover.
After that, wash off the oils with your usual skincare: foam, gel, mousse, etc.
Use your face toner
Use your usual face and eye cream.
You can also safely use eye patches and / or moisturizing sheet masks.
As other option its good to use night mask instead of night cream.
What to do with hairstyle?
After you have disassembled the hairstyle, you can apply a product to your hair for easier hair combing and gently comb out the fleece (if it was in your styling)
Then wash your hair with shampoo 2-3 times
Use your usual balm and mask to complete the treatment